Don Bosco Alumni - Canada

Don Bosco Alumni

Don Bosco Alumni - Canada is made up of a group of past students of the esteemed Don Bosco Institution, predominantly from India but open to accepting Don Bosco students from different parts of the world residing in North America.

The purpose of this group is to come together in a spirit of solidarity and fellowship and live up to the values of our founder Don Bosco, that was a part of the culture of the school we studied in.

Music Kids

The all-round education received not only sharpened our academic skills but also developed skills in the area of sports, music, dramatics, arts etc. It is our endeavor through this association to offer a platform to our children, where they can grow and develop themselves through the maturity and wisdom of the Don Bosco group.

We also are looking to serve the network of past students that are in our fold, through awareness and opportunities that can be posted on this website. There are the fortunate ones and the not so fortunate ones - we cannot change the world but if we bring about a change in one person, we have taken that one step that "WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE".